Our Story

The Mama Earth mission is to make a change for the better with the power of art, music and nature. Our events and projects cultivate creativity, cultural diversity and compassion.

Jaime Kailani
Founder of Mama Earth, Jaime Kailani Bayot.

In 2007, Hawaii-native, artist and mother of two boys, Jaime Kailani Bayot, worked as a Booking Manager for her talented younger brother, Bruno. As she formed relationships with concert venues around Los Angeles, she was inspired to use these relationships to do something good for others. As Bayot puts it, “I wanted to give people easy and fun opportunities to experience how GOOD it feels to give.” Bayot created a Mama Earth “Wish Bracelet” with an idea to help schools with fundraising and empower kids to make a change for the better in their own communities.

Jaime Kailani Introduces BrunoMars
Jaime Kailani introduces her brother’s performance on the Mama Earth stage.

In 2009, she hosted an official launch party in Santa Monica, California with star-studded performances with a mission to raise money for Shine On Sierra Leone and Nourish the Children. Since that special night, the world has witnessed her brother go on to mind-blowing worldwide success and fallen in love with his family. The eldest of Bruno’s four sisters, Jaime Kailani has often been called the “Do Gooder,” always embracing an opportunity to give someone a helping hand. With lots of love from people around the world, Mama Earth has grown into a community organization with followers in more than 40 countries, ongoing all-ages enrichment classes and successful art and music events in the United States and abroad to raise awareness and money for causes close to our hearts.

One Peace Audience
The audience at Mama Earth’s 3rd Annual ONE PEACE art show taking in the performances.

The Mama Earth family is humbled and grateful for the many wonderful opportunities on the horizon and growing partnerships with incredible schools, historic Los Angeles venues and socially-responsible companies. We look forward to creating more opportunities for arts-enrichment, civic engagement and empowering people of all ages and backgrounds to making a change for the better.



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