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Toni Temehana Pasion

Toni Temehana Pasion is a dancer, performance artist, and educator. She is a co-founder and curator of A Stage of Our Own (ASOO)— a Pacific and Philippine womyn and non-binary artist collective who create works inspired by cultural heritage and diaspora experiences. Toni teaches Introduction to Hula and dance fitness for Surfcore Fitness, and is the Polynesian Dance Instructor for an elementary school arts program in Gardena. Her works and endeavors are geared towards culture-conscious wellness, art, and communal resilience.

Shivani Karan

Shivani Karan is an educator and filmmaker. She has lectured at the Auckland University of Technology for 4 years and is currently filming a documentary that explores identity and ancestry. Her personal journey has been to find purposeful outlets for creative energy and provide marginalised people opportunities for meaningful engagement with technology. Her social enterprise Lane25 has been running Digital media workshops for marginalized youth in Auckland for the past five years and she hopes to expand this model to reach underserved communities around the world. 

She feels it is her duty to help others and the opportunities she has had with mama earth to give have in her own words, “been a privilege to experience”.

Ivory Tifa

Ivory Tifa is an occupational therapist who is drawn to helping others heal through art and other meaningful activities. She has a special interest in the power of helping others. She has two beautiful daughters, Delilah and Tatiana. Ivory finds great joy in writing and performing poetry. She is fluent in Spanish, which she learned while living in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Ivory is the lead Ambassador for MAMA EARTH’s Project OM; bringing music, art and nature to hospitals, shelters and after school programs.


Chrissy Bayot is the founding President of the Central Theatre Arts Academy Foundation (CTAAF) on the island of O`ahu in Hawai`i.  Her passion for ensuring Hawai`i students are exposed to quality arts education fueled her desire to make a change in her community. She learned the ins-and-outs of creating a nonprofit business and received her certification as a grant proposal writer in order to better serve the organizations she supports. This culminated in Chris forming her own business,  Essential Enterprises, a company dedicated to helping businesses that are focused on making a difference in their communities.

Chris continues to serve on the Executive Board of CTAAF as well as serving as the Director of Development for mama earth. Because Chris spent more than 10 years as the Director of a technical consulting firm, actively helping businesses create enterprise solutions to improve efficiency, she is uniquely qualified to assist those who want to create or improve their nonprofit businesses.

She is grateful to bring her many years of experience to mama earth where she can help this fine organization continue to grow and serve the community of Los Angeles.




Anisa J. Berry is an avid traveler, culture enthusiast and activist. Anisa spent four years serving as a domestic violence and sexual assault crisis intervention counselor in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her studies include topics such as tourist realism and indigenous cultures, globalization, and international civil engagement. She also has experience in research analytics, community outreach, cross-cultural communication and strategy consulting. Anisa joined Mama Earth in 2016, and is looking forward to continuing work for social impact.



Aria Gannon is a mother of 3 and founder of aPR Creative Marketing Management, Aria Gannon has over sixteen years of consulting experience in brand building, brand management and marketing strategies. Aria’s public relations outreach has secured thousands of editorial placements in national and international media outlets. She has also initiated and secured exhibitions in national museum and galleries for the artists she represents.

Aria has cultivated a global network of key media figures, tastemakers, curators and leading educational institutions. This network, combined with her unique brand strategy and significant marketing expertise, has benefited clients and has resulted in high-profile exposure and brand awareness opportunities.

A special priority of Aria’s portfolio is philanthropy and she has consulted to develop programs for numerous non-profit entities with a focus that spans from local to global communities. Aria travels extensively, researching and compiling information to serve her clients and is highly regarded in her field as an expert adviser and strategist.


Erika Elizondo is a mother to her daughter, Kamila, and a certified Holistic Health Coach who developed the original 40 Day Healing Journey in 2010, after being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis – an autoimmune disease. As disappointing as the diagnosis was, it provided the opportunity to wake up.  Through devoted study and the development of her 40 Day Healing Journey, she completely reversed her blood work back to normal without medication. Erika discovered that a congested liver is the root of all illness and made it her mission to clean it up. Since then, Erika has led hundreds of people through this healing journey and will be contributing to the Mama Blog in 2016 with topics about health and wellness! Sign up for the 40 Day Healing Journey with coupon code “4mamaearth” HERE and 10% of proceeds will be donated back to Mama Earth ongoing events and programs.

Amanda Gomez Oliviera

Amanda Gomez Oliviera, heads up our Brazil chapters. She coordinates m.a.m.a. earth events, meetups and fundraising drives to help local orphanages and NGO’s in Brazil. She also runs the biggest Brazilian Bruno Mars fansite, brunomarslovers.com.

Mina Zulal

Amanda Gomez Oliviera, heads up our Brazil chapters. She coordinates m.a.m.a. earth events, meetups and fundraising drives to help local orphanages and NGO’s in Brazil. She also runs the biggest Brazilian Bruno Mars fansite, brunomarslovers.com.


Mariana Rocha, from São Paulo, Brazil, and currently resides in Australia. A graduate of Journalism and Postgraduate in Public Relations, Mariana joined the Mama Earth team in 2014 to help with social media strategy and content creation.

Rae Benjamin

Rae Benjamin is a California native who graduated with honors with a BA in Political Science from Loyola Marymount University and is currently completing her BFA in Graphic Design at Laguna College of Art & Design. She is lending her graphic design skills at Mama Earth to help with marketing materials and social media promotion. Rae glows from the inside out with her sweet energy and infectious smile. Looking for a freelance graphic designer? Check out her work HERE.


From corporate law to being on Survivor in the wilds of Nicaragua and the Philippines, to being a regular expert guest on the Today Show, Franny has deliberately forged her own unique life path. She is bold, has an inherent sense of adventure, an unwavering belief in the power of love, a penchant for finding the fun in most any situation, and a long-held desire to do something extraordinary with her life.

Franny supports Mama Earth’s Advisory Board with legal counsel, outreach and lending her enthusiasm and know-how to the project whenever needed!

Suzanne Hollingshead

Suzanne “Zanne” Hollingshead is an all-around creative powerhouse. Currently, you can find her working her magic as Brand Executive Director at  Spot Welders  and Shipping + Handling .(a post-production editorial company in Venice).  Outside of her day to day work in the advertising/multimedia world, Zanne has produced numerous live music events, beenthe Executive Producer at a post production audio studio, run a non-profit education based program in New York City, spearheaded business development and marketing efforts for multi media projects, and founded a design firm, Zanne inc.which included her fashion brand Zanne Jewelry. She holds a degree in Urban Planning, studied industrial design, and is an avid art and music lover and collector. 


Valerie Zaks is a mother of three, an artist and a long shoreman in the ports of San Pedro. She is the creator of 4mamaearth’s COLORING MANDALAS project, bringing art therapy to children in hospital and adults of every age. On any given day, you might find Val teaching yoga, making jewelry, painting or driving a crane. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she brings love and an open heart to every task.


Eugene Cooke is a father of 3 and an internationally recognized food justice activist and urban farmer utilizing exclusively veganic growing methods. With his wife, he founded Grow Where You Are, a program that transforms urban spaces in underserved neighborhoods by creating community food gardens and vegetable farms. Over the past 10 years, Eugene has assisted in the creation of 18 urban farms, 14 school gardens and over 40 home food gardens, and has planted 400+ fruit trees in cities throughout the U.S. as well as in Jamaica, Haiti and Kenya, where he trained local residents in veganic growing methods. Eugene has led more than 40 Grow Where You Are workshops with Mama Earth as schools, universities, community centers and learning gardens.

Eugene is committed to demonstrating that we can grow abundant food without exploiting animals, harming the environment, or depleting ecosystems. At his current farms sites he focuses on growing methods that also promote ecological restoration.


Jaime Kailani Bayot is an artist, entrepreneur and a mother to two sons, Marley and Jaimeson. She founded Mama Earth Project in 2007 with a vision to provide people with the opportunity to experience the power of giving and making a difference. Since then, Mamaearth has launched several successful initiatives in Los Angeles that continue to make an impact through arts, music and nature. Jaime Kailani believes that people can truly connect through acts of kindness and the transformative power of sharing and positive exchange of energy; whether it be through a song or dance or artwork. She is dedicated working for the good of Mama Earth.