April 2017
Project OM
Skills involved
music, art


Sponsored by LP-140 and friends, Project OM brings the power of love and healing through music & art to children in hospitals, shelters, senior homes and inner-city schools. We believe that music and art promotes healing in the body, mind and spirit. Through Project OM, hospitalized children and other at-risk populations have the opportunity to engage in therapeutic art and music activities as well as create artwork to send to another child or elder in the world. Studies show that people who volunteer or help others have improved psychological well-being, self-esteem, health and happiness. This creates a positive “pay it forward” element which empowers one to be in the role not just of receiving but, also of giving back. Project OM art activities include, coloring mandalas, creating warm fuzzies, designing intention rocks, making gratitude/wish boxes and many other crafts. Some visits may include musical guests from around the world.



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